Lexi Live

Loving my Second Life


I want to start by saying thank you for checking out my page.

Chances are you found me in Second Life. (secondlife.com) Second life is an awesome 3D Virtual Reality world I’ve been a part of for over a decade though with some very extended breaks. So if you stumbled across me in some other way, download the app and let’s meet up for coffee.

Blog will have some of my rambling. I tend to have opinions I think others should know. I don’t want to debate anything so don’t even bother. That doesn’t mean I’m not open minded. It means this will not be the forum for that.

Songs will have live songs and recorded songs for your enjoyment. I’m not a professional. I think I sing well and others love it, but I’m not a professional. 🙂

Upcoming events will list concerts that are coming up in Second Life. The times listed will be in the Pacific time zone. That always messes with me now that I don’t live in the PNW. They will also be listed in the Events section on SecondLife.com

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