This whole thing is about me. I’m Lexi. I’m SO amazing, you need to know me. ROFL. That was meant to sound narcissistic because while it’s not the whole truth, there is truth to it. It’s not so much about me, but about what I offer. I’ve been in the online radio business for the last 20+ years. At one point I owned my own station with a few DJ friends that were AMAZEBALLS!! Life moved on and I continued to dabble with it. When the licensing fees started to get higher than my “hobby” could afford, I had to close it down.

As the years passed on, my passion to get back into it just kept growing. 2020 was a year of many struggles and as we all got stuck at home, we looked for something to fill our time. After binge watching EVERY Graham Norton clip I could find, I realized THAT is what I want to do. I love to meet people and learn their passions or quirks or advertise their endeavors. I can be a very inquisitive interviewer.

I share a lot of my personal feelings and frustrations. I will often break a tense moment with humor and it will often backfire. You’d think I would learn? Now I do it because it’s expected and it really does work even when it backfires. Focus shifted.

Some of my interests, in no particular order, include, but are not limited, to:

  • Blogging – skill level? *shrug* you tell me.
  • Woodwork – beginner/intermediate
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) – intermediate
  • Macramé – intermediate, but a long time ago
  • Marijuana and making edibles – amateur
  • Mom – professional. I have a mug that says I’m the best mom ever!
  • I don’t always act my age – I probably have a mug that says that too.
  • Mug collector – intermediate
  • Comedian – subjective
  • Singer – intermediate
  • Escort – professional on second life
  • Counselor – intermediate or subjective. I tend to tell the hard truths.
  • Flirt – I could win awards and I flirt with male and female alike but I am heterosexual.
  • Travel – I have been to more than 15 countries and all of the USA

When I’m not talking, there will be music. I like songs I can sing from a plethora of genres, except a few. You’ll hear the old crooners, classic rock, my favorite musicals, and who knows what else. I’m not averse to the newer music, it’s just not as good.