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One of the things I miss that I loved to do BC (Before Covid), was go to the movies or sit at home and watch one with a friend. So I’ve been watching a lot of movies by myself and here’s what I’ve found. I won’t be telling you everyone who is in the movie and all that stuff. Just my opinions, wanted or not. 🙂

My streaming services are, in no particular order: Netflix, HBOMax, Starz, Amazon Prime, and Peacock. So if you want to watch one of these movies, it’s on one of those(as of today, anyway). LOL

Unhinged – Russell Crowe, the whole reason I chose to watch this movie. This movie does not contain the Russell Crowe I wanted to see. However, he’s an amazing actor and boy did I hate the motherfucker. But, did he have to be dumpy. “Dumpy” isn’t a size, it’s a condition. Course, the character he played also had other issues and Russell played him perfectly – unfortunately. The suspense in the movie was non stop. My stomach muscles hurt afterward, that’s how much I was on the edge of my seat.

Mamma Mia & Mamma Mia: Here we go again – As I age, so do the actors I grew up watching. This movie is chock packed of them, AND THEY SING! Or at least carry a note without dropping it too far. They are light, fun musicals with Abba hits. I will usually watch it once a week or more. Now it’s become my favorite background music when I’m doing other things, too.

Kingsmen 1 & 2 – As Colin Firth says in the movie “Give me a far fetched theatrical plot”. And it is. Kingsmen 1 is about a megalomaniac that thinks the world needs a culling. Kingsmen 2 is about the war on drugs which could lead to another culling. They are funny, tense, riveting……. and I like seeing all the “chosen” get their comeuppance.

Red & Red2 – Bruce Willis. He’s still mighty fine. RED stands for “Retired, Extremely Dangerous”. You wanna talk amazing lineup? Mary-Louise Parker(Not a fan), Helen Mirren(DYNAMITE), John Malkovich(Best weirdo), Morgan Freeman(Really? Do I need to comment?). Great plots, moderatly tense. The whole group of actors do such an amazing job at making you believe they’ve really known each other for decades…. even though they’ve all tried to kill each other at one time or another. It’s just a job.

Tina – The intimate and revealing look at the life and career of Tina Turner. I’ve seen another Tina Turner movie so I knew about some of her past. I liked how this one gave a little more insight. Ike was a piece of shit.

Tiger – This is two parts. The first is 89 minutes long. I made it through 8, maybe. It didn’t keep my interest because Tiger’s father was a nut case. I believe my children are great, but his Dad….. was just like…. I can’t describe him. He was not mentally stable in my opinion.

If you have suggestions of shows to watch, drop me an email and let me know. contactlexilive@gmail.com

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