I’ve had many people ask me “Do you practice NLP?” I always told them no. Why? Because I didn’t know what it was. So, since I didn’t know what it was, I didn’t “practice” it. Boy was I wrong.

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. The base premise is “what we choose to focus on internally, impacts how it is we emotionally experience life” (NLP course on Udemy, by Kain Ramsay). I’m not going to get into much of a better definition because the course is about 100 hours of material and I’ve done about 85 hours. And then there’s the advanced class.

I don’t know where or when I learned some of the NLP ways. But let me tell you a story of a girl who didn’t want to go to school. We’ve all done it, or wanted to. Play hooky!!!

I don’t recall the reason I didn’t want to go to school, I just remember that I was faking being sick. SHOCK!!! My friends did it all the time and talked about how great it was to sit around and eat whatever while watching their favorite shows. Holy Crap, that sounds fantastic!

What I didn’t take into consideration was that many of my friends didn’t have stay at home parents, or caring parents in some cases for that matter. My mother both stayed at home and cared. She wasn’t “doting” but she wanted to be certain a real illness wasn’t looming. I’m sure she knew I was faking it.

So, I got to stay in my room and lie in bed all day…….. all. day. By the time my friends were home from school, I had talked myself into feeling like shit. Yay for hooky?? Not really.

Like when I watched the series “The Boys”. (read the post here) After watching that series in record time, it had left my thoughts so dark and cruel, that it took watching “Mamma Mia” 5-6 times and a couple “The Sound of Music” to rid it from my thoughts.

Today’s lessons focused on the rational mind, the emotional mind, and the wise mind. Rational minds base decisions on ration. Emotional minds on emotions. The wise mind combines the two. It’s like the old pros and cons. I put ration as a pro and emotions as a con. I think, rationally, most people would. We all want to feel good and be happy, I presume. But there needs to be level-headedness in our process.

Some key things I remember learning as a child – young adult:

  • Tell the truth. It’s easier than remembering what lie you told,
  • You can’t control how people treat you, only how you respond.
  • Don’t judge someone unless you’ve walked in their shoes.
  • Something you “need” and something you “want” is not usually the same thing.
  • Protect your reputation by being someone people trust and it will protect you from those untrustworthy.
  • Garbage in, garbage out – and that’s true of everything.
  • Once trust is gone, you can’t get it back.

Some nuggets of wisdom you may have as a gift from me. Don’t say I never gave ya anything. ♥


living the second life.

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