Who is ready to put 2020 in the rearview mirror. Crikey, it’s been a shit year. We are all going / went through Covid. I had it in January before it was well known. Then gallbladder surgery in June. Lost my brother in December. I’m happy to bring this year to a close. What will next year bring?

It won’t bring any New Year’s Eve resolutions for me. I don’t believe in those. I’ve always felt that if I had to wait until Jan 1st to do something I’ve set my mind to, then my mind isn’t really set. And if you’re mind isn’t set, you’re only set for a failure.

I do plan and hope and dream. So, my plan is to re-open the club. My dream is to buy a house. My hope is to widen my circle of real life friends if Covid will ever let us out again.

Wait! Did I just say I was re-opening Carlton Club?? Why, yes I did! Now let me tell you what is different.

We are not hiring. We are looking for performers who want to broaden their reach. Anyone and everyone who can perform in Second Life can perform here in 1 hour increments. Whether or not you have a “home base” where you do most of your gigs, you can hop on stage here to let those who might not know about you or your club get a taste of what you have to offer. This is especially helpful if your group is a “pay to join” group. Audiences will get a taste of what you do and may decide to join your group. If you’d like to perform, rent an ad board, join the Carlton Club Performers group, and schedule up to 3 shows per week which you’re paid $100 from Carlton Club and will receive 99% of your tips. Yes, we keep one percent. Click here for more info.

What do we offer? Something that is always changing. Every hour there will be a new show. It could be a stripper, DJ, live singer, comedian, roleplayers, who knows!

If you would like more information, please visit Carlton Club’s website here.


living the second life.

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