The other day I was heading out to do some shopping. The sun had just set behind the horizon but I could still see the road and I hadn’t turned on my headlights yet. I noticed something crossing the street in front of me. I assumed it was a cat because we have a LOT of them here. But it was walking oddly.

My kids used to call them “armored dillo”. If you aren’t familiar with this delightful litter critter, allow me to enlighten you. I’m not an expert, but google is.

The word actually means “little armored one”. And there are some gross facts, like:  New World placental mammals in the order Cingulata. Placental mammal? WTF? Oh, humans are placental animals. I surmised after thinking about it. Still, that doesn’t make me like the phrase any more.

These guys have a hard shell and short legs. So when they walk, they have a sort of lumbering gait. But when they RUN, it’s hysterical. Imagine running with your ankles tied. Much like the “noob” waddle in second life.

When they are threatened, they roll up into a little impenetrable armored ball. They have sharp claws and great digging skills. The giant armadillos can get up to 119 pounds!!!! That’s the size of a pudgy kid. 🙂 (I know cuz my sister was one.) Fun Facts.

If you’d like more facts, you can visit the wiki site I used here.


living the second life.

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