Merry Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. That’s what the song tells us, anyway. But I believe it too. The death of my brother last week has definitely dampened the Christmas spirit. And then a mess with my siblings over stupid, but important, stuff. I won’t get into that whole mess, but suffice it to say, every time they open their mouths I am reminded of what a good decision it was to move far far away.

But this post is about Christmas and how much I love it.

I’m not over the top with what I wear, donning candy striped tights and pompom hats. Or singing Christmas carols in October. But I am immediately giddy at the sight of a Christmas tree and all the memories that associate with it. (And I am extremely thankful they are all good memories. I know not everyone has those.)

The kids, all 6 of us, would sit at the top of the stairs and impatiently await those magic words, “You can come down now”. I’m surprised there weren’t trips to the hospital on Christmas day with one of us getting run over for being to slow. We’d pile around the tree, literally. That was a lot of people, presents, furniture and a massive tree in that small living room. Now add in all the open boxes and trash. That room was toast when we were done.

The older kids usually handed out the presents. We didn’t get many, but I don’t recall ANY of them being crap. I’m sure there had to be some. One year I got a calculator. By the end of the day it had tape holding it together and still lasted me a while. My brothers taught me to spell stuff with it too. Like, 710 spelled oil when you turned it upside. I think I was starting first grade that year and I HAD to have a calculator because my siblings took calculators to school. I was amazed that it always got the answers right.

As I grew up and my siblings moved on in the world, it was just one sister and I still at home. Then the presents got better. One year I got a clock radio telephone AND a small black and white TV (They HAD color tv’s by the 80’s, but I didn’t get a color one. Don’t want you thinking I’m THAT old 🙂 )

Then I had children of my own and a husband that made really good money. We followed the same morning routine. The EX and I would go start coffee and the oven for cinnamon rolls. The two kids chomping at the bit, ready to fly down the stairs. A whirlwind of wrapping paper flying around… oh, and the kids got into it too.

Fast forward to this morning. One kid lives with me (we bought a house together, he doesn’t mooch), the other is in a time zone two hours behind me. BEHIND ME!!! That means I have to wait until she wakes up to open presents, two hours later than I’d like. LOL

We planned on 9am, 7am for her. She asked if we could make it a little later. I was prepared to suggest 11am. But I kept that thought at bay and asked “When would you like?” while my insides are SCREAMING at the delay. She came back with 7:30am. PHEW!!!!

So, the two of us have been given permission to open our stockings before she arrives on the video chat. We didn’t ship her stocking stuffers. Our stockings are usually things we pick up at the $1 store, so she’s only missing out on band aids, pens, post it notes, batteries, and the like. Oh crap, I forgot my son’s chocolate orange. That was usually in the toe of the stocking. He’s gonna notice that missing too. LOL

My only regret at Christmas is that I usually don’t have enough money to buy gifts for all the people I love and for strangers. I would get such a thrill to pay off people’s layaways, or something like that. My cheer-o-meter would be off the charts.

So, if you can’t be a cheer meister, let the cheer of others console you. There is good in the world, even if we don’t always get to see it.

I appreciate you! Thank you for reading my rants and helping me feel important. I hope you have a wonderful day, whatever that means to you. Now please excuse me, there’s a cinnamon roll with my name on it and a pile of presents to shred. ♥


living the second life.

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