The Graham Norton Show

If you haven’t seen this show…. what are you waiting for??? I was discussing it with a friend who had never seen or heard of it. He said “Oh, Like the David Letterman Show?”. NO!

Yes, it’s a talk show. Yes, it has celebrities. But the topics of conversation are totally different. AND IN BRITISH ACCENTS.

Most American shows that I have seen, and I will admit there are not many, have celebrities on to promote whatever their thing is. That’s great. Publicity, I get it.

Graham Norton has celebrities to promote their likability. Typically, all the guests come out at once, that does vary. And they all chat about whatever Graham’s topics are. But, they could go off on other tangents.

“What did Dame Judi Dench leave in a neighbor’s mailbox in her youth?” A question asked in game show presentation style of “Who wants to be a Millionaire”… I think. But you get the gist, which is, I’m stoned. It was a rat in case you were wondering.

Graham likes to bring up most embarrassing moments, regrettable pictures, peculiar circumstances, and I have been laughing my ass off.

So, if life is getting you down, especially at this time of year, do your soul some good and go laugh your ass off. ♥

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living the second life.

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