Right to Vote

This is the most “political” thing I’ve ever written because I don’t like to talk politics. You might understand why a bit more clearly. Recently, I posted a comment on Facebook about voting for one candidate or another and the reactions of my “loved ones”. Eight of my 170 family and friends are no longer on my list because I said I “might” vote for whomever. It has prompted me to write this piece. It is my right to choose to exercise my right to vote, and not voting is the way I choose to exercise that right.

It is my right, my honor, my privilege, and my duty to exercise my right to vote.
I don’t vote.  I never have.  I do not want to be responsible for making a decision that is going to affect the whole country.Why?  I’ll tell you.

My vote counts.  That’s what everyone says.   So it is up to me to research and do the fact checking where I can.  But you can’t fact check a promise.  So it is my job as a rationally thinking adult to cast a vote for someone I’m hoping will be good.  It’s a crap shoot.  And whoever wins is not the person half of your friends wanted to win.  Unless you don’t have diversity in your life which we know is all the rage nowadays.

And, what have we seen a presidency to be?  Unfulfilled promises. Corruption. Deception. For decades.  And every four years we try it again and half the country is happy and the other half is mad.

So now it hangs on my head to cast the deciding vote for the next leader of the United States based on no facts.

No Thanks!

And if you’re retort is to say “Your one vote doesn’t count that much”…. Then what difference does it make.

And don’t even get me started about the efficacy of the electoral college.


living the second life.

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