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Lᴀᴜɢʜ ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴍᴇ. Lᴀᴜɢʜ ᴀᴛ ᴍᴇ. Jᴜsᴛ LAUGH!

A can of butter? What!? Shhhh, no. It’s Cannabutter, as opposed to butter that can’t. Regular butter is the main ingredient and you load it with cannabis. *wide grin* Edibles are nothing new, though I’m sure the process has changed since “That 70s Show” when they made brownies.

I have always loved getting stoned. Not necessarily alone because I like to laugh and I can only laugh at myself for so long. If the government wanted to spray drugs in the air, it should be cannabis. The crime rate would go down because everyone would be on the sofa with one hand in their waistband like Al Bundy on “Married with Children”. Hmmm, I guess that would slow the world down too much. But, I digress, as usual.

With the uprising of marijuana legalization, we have found out sooooo much more about this ‘weed’ and the benefits it has. Legalizing it just makes it more available and with fancy labels that tell you how much THC is in the strain. Then there’s the CBD benefits. Many states will allow CBD products because it’s NOT the part of the plant that gets you stoned or impairs your judgement. Manufacturers tout the medicinal benefits of CBD, relieve stress, pain, PTSD, anxiety and help with sleep. My son has trouble falling asleep so we’ve tried several CBD products. None of them have worked very well. I’ve tried a few CBD products to help with pain, sleeping, mental clarity, etc. I noticed some improvements but it gets REALLY costly.

If I don’t smoke weed, there is a very negative effect. I’m moodier, I get a lot of hot flashes, and it’s just not conducive to being productive. Without weed, my choices for help become pharmaceutical like hormone replacement therapy or anti depressants and ALL their side effects. (So there isn’t any doubt, I am NOT a fan of big pharma.)

You may think I smoke a ton of weed in order to alleviate my symptoms. I don’t. I smoke about a half ounce a month. So don’t go comparing me to Snoop Dog and Martha Stewart. LOL

Enter cannabutter. Hey look!!! I’m getting back on topic!

You start with quality butter. Supposedly Kerrygold is the best, but I’m cheap and it is not. You start by clarifying the butter. By removing the moisture and milk solids, you create a higher smoking point which will help if you’re going to just use the cannabutter in your cooking. (If you use Ghee, you don’t need to clarify because that’s what Ghee is. Again, it’s expensive.)

Once that’s done, you steep the marijuana in the butter for 3 hours at a very low boil. During this process, you add water to the butter/cannabis mixture so that you don’t burn it. Strain out the weed and pour the liquid into a containor. Stick it in the fridge. The next part I found interesting. As the butter solidified in the fridge, the water fell to the bottom of the containor. Makes sense, just never thought of it. So when it has all hardened, you just pull off a brick of butter and the water remains in the bowl.

I made the butter into caramels. The process yielded 1,000 grams of caramels. Now to figure out dosing. I couldn’t work on dosing the night I made them because, as any good cook does, I tasted it along the way, licked the spoon, and the pot and slept VERY well that night. I thought they were great with a slight hint of weed flavor.

The next day, I took a dose of 20 grams in the morning. Thankfully I didn’t have to work that day cuz I needed a nap. That’s when I realized that this would not be something to take during the day, at least not in THAT quantity.

Back to my son. He has always been a cranky ass when he wakes up and it usually lasts the whole morning for it to wear off. He also snores loudly enough that I can hear him at the other end of the house with both of our bedroom doors closed. I’m surprised there’s still paint on the walls the way he sucks in that air. Since he’s a foot taller than me (no, I’m not short, he’s 6’6″) and 50% more body weight, I gave him 20 grams before he went to bed.

Evidently he has not lost as much of his flavor buds as I have because he nearly threw up when he tried them. Why is it funny to watch someone’s gag reflex kick in. The faces are priceless. Digress!!! He washed it down with Hershey’s syrup. LOL

I checked on him a few hours later. I think what made me think of it was how quiet the house was. He wasn’t snoring or I killed him. I put my head against his door and couldn’t hear ANYTHING. I called his name softly in case he was awake. No answer. I opened the door a smidge to listen. There was a very faint, almost delicate in comparison, sound of snoring. Yay, he wasn’t dead!

That morning, he woke up an hour before his alarm went off. BY HIMSELF!!! (I usually have to wake him.) We have both been sleeping great, waking up refreshed and THAT is worth every penny.

1,000 grams divided by 20 grams a dose equals 50 doses.

1/2 ounce of weed, $50. 1/2 pound of butter, $3.

Depending on the cost of your weed, that boils down to just a little over $1 a dose as opposed to the bottles of CBD sleeping aids for $60+ for 30 day supply and it doesn’t work.

Moral of the story….. I’m a illegal substance pusher.

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