Get a head!

Sadly, this isn’t a post on the secret success to life. And if you read my blog, you know I obviously don’t know the secret. It’s about literally getting a head.

Second life is always evolving and the creators continue to come up with stuff that we don’t need but we sure as hell want. With all this new tech, there are upgrades. I’ve had the same mesh head and body for a year. I swore I would not change because I’d lose my look. However, Catwa came out with the HDPro head and I wanted it! I won’t mangle all the details, but you can watch their clip here.

When you get this new head, it is completely white. When you add the skin, it gives all the details of realism. However, the way you shift the skin around on the various adjustable points will totally change the look of the head. So, I’m new to the BOM features and appliers. I was thoroughly confused. I just plunked down the equivalent of $24 USD and I wasn’t about to throw in the towel. The Catwa group helped a lot, but then I met B.

B, my angel to the rescue, has a you tube channel where she discusses a BUNCH of stuff about second life.. You can find her here. She helped me to understand BOM and appliers a bit better and even took me to a few stores to get some different skins.

I think I’ve come as close as I’m going to. At least, I’m comfortable with how it looks and I still keep getting hit on so it must not be too bad. You decide.

I can’t get the nostrils quite right either….. yet. There’s always little tweaks to do that most people won’t notice anyway.


living the second life.

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