Unless you’re living under a rock, you know that stands for Black Lives Matter. And they do!!! But that’s not really what this is all about. This is about the way the news outlets manipulate the world. They tell you what THEY want you to hear. It’s no longer about integrity in news reporting. It’s about who is pulling the strings.

That’s a land mine right there. There are quite a number of theories to that. But if you ask MANY of the BLM protesters what they are protesting about, they will cite what they’ve been told, verbatim, without really looking into the facts. Cops killing innocent black men.

But wait, were they really innocent? I do not believe that most cops are walking up to black men in particular and shooting them, but that is what they would have you believe. And people fall for it… over and over and over again.

George Floyd & Rayshard Brooks being the most recent ones I’m aware of. These men were not innocent. They didn’t just calmly go with the officers and get booked. They fought back. Did they deserve to die? HELL NO! But when you threaten a police officer’s life, they are trained to stop you by any means necessary.

Statistics show who kills the most black men. Other black men. Research!!! Don’t believe everything you are told. Stop being sheep and following the masses. Make your own educated opinions.

BLM are becoming extortionists. Companies support them because they are afraid of the consequences if they don’t. How is this right? Cops aren’t going to work because they are afraid and these are people who are very necessary to keep the peace in our land.

We need to fight for injustice where it’s due. We have become a nation of cry babies, offended at every little thing the news tells us to be offended about. What happened to personal responsibility? What happened to being adulst? What happened to respecting others? I know we’ve never been able to get everyone on the same page with those ideals, but if we could, the news media would not be able to manipulate us anymore. Think about it. ♥


living the second life.

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