Well…. shit.

What is going on with this year?!?!

Personally, it hasn’t been great. I’ve been waiting for my momentum to come back after closing the club. Just as it was about to appear, I had to have a tooth pulled. A back molar that I’ve been fond of for MANY years. It’s left a hole in my ….. mouth. *wink* I have a really great smile, so I’m told. So it’s important for me to get a spacer of some sort or an implant.

Then a few days after that, Saturday, I’m off to the hospital for a gallbladder attack. It’s funny how they say… “So you’re here due to abdominal pain in the upper right quadrant?” To which I reply with… “Some people just say a gallbladder attack but we can go with that.”

Evidently, the only thing not pretty about me was my gallbladder. *smirk* They ran 3 tests, ultrasound, MRI and CT. The doctor didn’t like what she saw and said they want to biopsy for cancer. 0.0 So I get transferred to another hospital and wait 2 days for the biopsy doctor to tell me they can get a biopsy when they do the surgery for the “abdominal pain in the upper right quadrant”. GALLBLADDER!

Meanwhile, during my stay, they wanted to take my blood pressure. I absolutely can’t stand having it taken by placing the cuff on the upper arm. That alone sends my blood pressure up. So every time they took it up there, it was high. “Do you have high blood pressure?” Nope. So I got them to do it on the lower part of the arm and that worked out much better. Three days in a row the numbers were beautiful. Regardless of the fact that they were starving me because they didn’t want me to eat in case I had surgery.

So they finally tell me it’s scheduled for Thursday morning, day five of my stay at the not-so exotic resort. Come noon time and still no surgery in sight, I lose my shit. Really lose my shit.

Finally, surgery time. They drug me, operate, waiting room. I remember waking up in the waiting room and writhing and moaning. My eyes open for a minute. Then I’m out again and wake up in my bed. I think they said… “She’s awake from surgery, now drug her to shut her up”.

The next day, I finally get to eat. In comes the blood pressure cuff and she’s about to put in on my upper arm until I correct her. “Hmmm, your blood pressure is high. Do you have high blood pressure?” “No, I had SURGERY”. Well, I can’t go home until that’s down which doesn’t happen until the next day.

The discharge nurse goes over the prescriptions they’re sending me home with. “And this one is for your high blood pressure”. “I DON’T HAVE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE!!!!” Man, can you imagine if I just blindly followed that prescription? Damn.

To make a short story long, the gallbladder is out, I’m home, resting, and my blood pressure is normal. <end/rant> ♥


living the second life.

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