Sick as a dog

The phrase “sick as a dog” is credited as first being used back in 1705, probably in Europe. In this time period, dogs were not seen as the human companions they are now. … Back in these days, disease and misfortune was as easily blamed on stray dogs as it was anything else.

Well, that’s how I felt last week. Thankfully I’m not sick very often because I am a WHINER! Even I was saying to myself, “Suck it up buttercup”.

I thought I was just overdoing it because I have about 3500 things on my plate. None are “really” important in the grand scheme of life, but important to me.

So I started feeling tired, headache, just prolonged BLAH. It went on for two days before I said to myself..”Hmm, I may be getting sick. Let’s try the remedy”.

The remedy consists of 1-2 shots of hard alcohol, tequila for me. A very hot shower for as long as you can take it. Then go to bed with every blanket on and try to sweat it out. It works every time. Well, except this time.

I had to get up during the night to use the little girls room and I was feeling VERY weak. I was about 3 inches from returning to the bed when my body could not hold up all my sexiness anymore and down I went. I didn’t black out, but when I opened my eyes and figured out where I had landed, I realized I was on the dog’s bowl. *sigh* I didn’t black out but I needed to go to the Doc, as opposed to me, “the quack”.

Good news, it’s not the flu. They gave a shot in my tuckus and within 2 hours I was feeling 75% better. By the next morning when I was razzing with my co-workers, one said “Well, you’re feeling better.” I replied with “Be careful what you wish for?”

This isn’t where I say “GET THE FLU SHOT” because I don’t believe in them. Just know your body and do your home remedies sooner rather than later.♥


living the second life.

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