Oh my closet!

I have some really awesome clients who like to gift me clothing…. LOTS of clothing. Thankfully my organized set up helps me to not lose any. Christmas time was particularly full of wonderful clothes under my tree.

When someone first recommended I get a Second Life wishlist started I thought they were joking. After the third time they mentioned it I realized it’s because they really wanted to buy me stuff. And they have. 🙂

And with the start of the club, they’ve done even more. Donations, encouragement, faith in my vision. I’m overwhelmed and humbled by it. But it boils down to one thing, caring. Someone laughed when I referred to the relationship I have with my clients. “A relationship with a hooker? Right!”. But each person is special to me and they know that.

Thank you for believing in me and being a part of my SLife. ♥


living the second life.

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