In Just 6 Days

It has been quite the adventure getting the club ready. We’ve been having some fun with impromptu greedy parties. The furniture is in place. Pictures on the wall are from artists in SL. We’re going to have an art show in February. Also, one of my dear friends will be DJ’ing a special “Raunchy Night”.

I’m so excited about this club. My assistant Renee has been a godsend. We’ve gathered some pretty awesome staff members and of course amazing Decadent Dignitaries. I can’t wait to meet more.

I know, having an opening on New Year’s Eve might not be the brightest idea. But here’s how I see… There’s a lot of people like me that don’t want to go out and potentially be on the wrong side of a drunk driver. So grab your favorite beverage and come dance with some of the awesome people on staff. Or hop on after your party and let us laugh at your drunk ass. ♥

See you soon!


living the second life.

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