I have been a busy little beaver (not a sex pun). While decorating the club, and being the cheap ass that I am, I lost the availability to rent the second parcel I wanted next to the club’s. Aw, SNAP!! The good news is that I moved it to a larger parcel, with more prims for less than L$1 per prim. SCORE!!!

The bad news is that I have to move everything. Thankfully, I was still in the early stages of getting the back office stuff situated and hadn’t done much decorating. Rather, Renee hadn’t done much cuz I suck at decorating.

So now I’m kicking into the marketing more. I need some places to rent adboards. Do people look at those? So many folks have rezzing issues that I wonder if it’s worth the bother.

I’ve got a friend working on some promos for the Dj’s to use. He does some great work so I’m excited to see what he comes up with. I might ask for one as an intro to my shows, too.

The web and Flickr sites are almost ready. Stay tuned