Choose your words

You know exactly what I mean when I say these politically incorrect comments, “Me love you long time”… “Me so hoooorrny”. Those, to me, conjure up images of a two bit hooker on the street corner. Is there much difference between a street hooker and an escort? YES!

I’m an escort. But before that, I’m an intelligent, semi educated, witty, classy woman. Yes, most clients just want sex. But many aren’t looking for a cum slut with a hole to drop their load into. They want their mind engaged along with all the senses. For example:

  • Street hooker presses her pussy to the pole and grinds on it, leaving her sticky cum, wanting you to finger her tight, juicy, cunt.

Um, GROSS!! If that turns you on, I’m not the escort for you.

  • Escort leans against the pole, her mind wandering as she looks over you, green eyes glaze imagining the light touches of your fingertips upon her flesh

Much better!

There’s also the more blatant ones who just make the client feel like a wallet for their shopping. Everybody has their own quirks and likes. One is not better than the other, they’re just different.

If you’re looking for an Escort, you can find me at the Monarchy.


living the second life.

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