A familiar term to those in 3d MMprog (wtf is that? multi something something) You have to wait for your computer to download and focus all the textures/pictures of your surroundings. In Second life, you also have to wait for your body to rez and piece back together.

You may be rezzed to yourself, but not always others. And when you go to a new place, it starts all over again. This is particularly humorous when you’re in a nightclub and folks are dancing. Your body parts are flying all over the place. I was once knocked unconcious by someone’s belt buckle. I awoke naked in an alley. Wait, maybe that was the tequila?

And it’s not always right next to you, as in this picture, if you’re moving. Your hair could be 15 meters away. Anywho, I get a huge chuckle out of it.


living the second life.

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