Unwanted Callers

Thankfully, we don’t have robo callers in SL. Or would those be the greeters that shove notecards and landmarks at us? Hmmm.

Anywho, if you go to a website for information and it asks for your phone number…. they plan on using that info. So when we call you, don’t start screaming “DO NOT CALL LIST”. If you request information and they call you, the DNC does not pertain to you. Read about it.

Robo callers are the worst. I hate talking to robots. I am a person, I want to speak to a person. How many times have we all said that? So, now you have a person on the other end of the phone and you’re still gonna act like a prick? Talk calmly, and clearly and ask to be removed from the list. They “should” agree and your problems are over and no one had to get in a tizzy. Act like a jerk and you may be getting calls at worse hours of the day.

Why are you calling me? Cuz you asked for info. That’s typically how it works. I know in this day and age people ask for stuff but don’t actually wait for the answer, especially if it takes more than 10 seconds.

Why are you calling during dinner? Cuz you didn’t tell us what time dinner was. I mean, seriously? Why did you answer the phone during dinner? If your phone is making you pick it up at inopportune times, get rid of it or put it on silent.

I was sleeping. Oh, should we have called first to ask when your nap was? When I go take a nap, or go to bed, the phone goes on silent. My kids’ phone calls will break through for emergencies, but that’s it.

I never said you could call me. Actually, you did. You see that fine print called “terms”? Yeah, that one that you didn’t read. If you had, you’d see that we can call and so can our associates. That’s what you signed up for by putting in your number.

Just some tips from someone whose job is to call you to give you that information you wanted.


living the second life.

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