I love photography!

My dad had a darkroom in the basement for developing his pictures. The scent of chemicals, the various tubs of solution, pictures drying on a string. That ominous red light signaling that if we opened the door we were gonna get the switch.

Fast forward a few decades and everyone with a camera phone call themselves a photographer…. and the birth of Twitter and Flickr was born. LOL

I have friends who can do awesome stuff with Photoshop. But I’m a bit more old fashioned and like to create the lighting. In Second life, I get to be behind AND in front of the camera at the same time. This is like … orgasmic! I get to dress my “barbatar” however I want, pose her how I want, and then get the great shot… just as I wanted!!!

I have pictures from my Flickr stream in the right hand sidebar. Feel free to join.


living the second life.

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