Outfits in SL

This could be an awesome part of organizing your wardrobe. But I’m cheap and I don’t want to pay $10L for each picture of the outfit. $10 Lindens is about 4 cents USD, did I say I was cheap? I’ve found a work around. Others may have as well, but this is what I do.

As someone who used to build furniture and create clothing, I know the importance of keeping a neat inventory. I don’t know how people manage without it. I have a friend who is always saying… “Oh, look what I found” …. drives me crazy that they don’t know what they have!!??!!

So, I have a backdrop set up in a skybox with a modeling stand. What do we do when we buy new clothes? We unbox and try them on. So, I take a picture as well. I save the pictures on my computer so that I can pull them up to SEE what I have instead of trying to remember the name of that dress I found and wore that day I went on the picnic with whomever.

This is how it looks on my comp. Nice big icons so I can see right away how much skin I’ll be showing. Sometimes I like to dress conservatively, though not often.

So, now I have all the pics of the clothing but it’s still unorganized. FOLDERS to the rescue. Every item of clothing is filed in folders in second life as well. But I’ve named each item the same on the computer so it is easy to just pop that into the inventory search bar and right-click add.

As you can see, I’ve catalogued everything from jewelry to shoes. However, “Outfits” in SL does come in handy when you have an event coming up and you’re piecing together an outfit from several folders, then you can just save that outfit.

I hope this has inspired you to get organized. šŸ™‚


living the second life.

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